About Heavenly Dishes:

I came from humble kitchen beginnings.  When it came to food, my household ate on a budget.  For eight years we were vegans back in the 80's, so we ate a lot of uncommon foods for the time.  My mom had my brother when I turned 12 and spent a lot of time working so became a major meal preparer for the household. 

I, as well as my family slowly emerged from being vegans to eating pretty much anything we can get our hands on.  But with that interesting background, I love to cook.  I even dabbled in a bit of personal catering for a few of my own events I used to throw in New York City.  No one knew the difference.  At some point, with some encouragement from friends, I was even contemplating starting my own catering company.

This blog features wonderful recipes from all over the world as well as a few of my own.  I hope you will enjoy.